out of the blue
Inspired by a cruising trip to the Great Barrier Reef.
This jacket reflects the colours and shimmer of the sea.
Coconut beads speak of coconuts washed up by the swell.
The bespoke brooch is made from shells gathered from the shoreline.
walls of jerusalem
Tasmania is my endless source of inspiration.
The enduring beauty of our island is celebrated in the photography of
Peter Dombrovskis
autumn, lalla
The beautiful colours reflect autumn as it reaches full bloom.
Inspired by the renowned photography of Peter Dombrovskis
opal dreaming
The colours of opal that shine in the light peep through from beneath
the main fabric technique is called chenille and is constructed from 5-6 layers of fabric (mainly silk) sewn together,
cut to different levels and then resewn twice
to reveal and hold in place the colours hidden beneath
Matching handbag compliments the jacket
The brooch adornment is created from a handmade glass disc purpose made by glass artisan Penel Bigg (www.firebirdbeads.com) and enhanced by fine silver 'tree of life'
branching out...
Freehand machine embroidery and hand stitching add texture to a plain fabric.
The clasp is hand cut from colour heated titanium
native pigface, tarkine
Breathtaking photography of Peter Dombrovskis inspired this wearable art.
Made from silks and synthetics sprinkled and layered
they recreate the textures of nature.
city lights
Inspired by twinkling city lights this black jacket
is so versatile it can dress up the 'little black dress' or a more relaxed pair of jeans.
Pink piping beside the zip gives an elegant touch of colour as does the black lace.
from the earth
Iconic colours of Australian.
Inspired by a 4WD outback adventure.
The many layers of fabric reflect the colours of the outback
revealing what lies beneath the surface of our country.
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