inspired by a class in Scotland.....

September 8, 2016

Travelling is wonderful and having the opportunity to learn, create and participate in classes not available at home raises the experience to another level.  While on my 1/2 gap year to Europe in 2015 I participated in a masterclass in Newburgh just north of Edinburgh with American artist Larry Thomas.

 My first view of Scotland


So much laughter with these 2 lovely ladies,

Hannele and Joan                                                           The many moods of Newburgh


Now this is something very different and totally out of my comfort zone - and  just what I wanted and needed

Colour, line, negative spaces - I was seeing negative spaces for weeks after......

It was just like doing a jigsaw puzzle - drawing, cutting, re-positioning





Playing with the pieces

Make a square

Make a line

Duplicate it

Turn it around

Shade it


And then......


You know what?


That looks like a leadlight design







The choice of glass for the leadlight came from the visual textures in the landscape, particularly the water


And so it begins.......


Officeworks were able to print the pattern at the correct size

2 copies - one copy as a pattern on which to cut, the other as a template

To keep the surface clear of glass shards you must sweep often - it is particularly important when cutting  mirror. A glass shard can scratch the back of the mirror and make the piece unusable

The original design will need more lines added to make it work in glass


Care must be taken when using mirror in your leadlight

Unlike clear glass cutting lines can not be seen when cutting mirror

Using a pencil extend the pattern lines beyond the piece of mirror being cut

I prefer to then draw the lines on the mirror using a felt pen

Adding a touch of colour and texture enhance the line

Laying the glass on the template