a mosaic experiment

One of the pleasures of creativity is experimenting with a material - in this case glass - in a new way.

I love having a birdbath (or 3) in my garden and during the summer months it comes alive when surrounded by the colour in the garden.

Loving glass as I do I found myself in possession of many small pieces left over from leadlight adventures and decided to see how it could be re-purposed to add that splash of colour to the winter garden.

Using glass posed a number of challenges:

Challenge Solution

The pedestal is round and the glass flat Cut glass pattern into smaller pieces

Glass is see-through Test glass on pedestal surface to ensure it

keeps its colour

Glass has very sharp edges Grind the outer edges

Small glass pieces move Use contact adhesive to hold the pattern

in place

Attaching the glass to the pedestal Use clear outdoor silicon

Press the contact adhesive onto to outer surface of the design

Turn over and spread clear silicon on the glass

Ensure good coverage

Position the flower and apply to pedestal

Keep the contact adhesive in place while positioning and smoothing the the glass to the surface

Slowly peel off the contact adhesive

Use a pointed tool e.g. satay stick to carefully remove excess silicon

Ensure all parts of the flower are in position

Cut stems, grind edges

Score contour cut lines and snap apart

Place on contact adhesive and apply silicon

Position on pedestal, apply gentle pressure to fix in place, remove contact and clean edges

Position all other pieces ensuring a balanced design

The base is covered in grout.....under is a mosaic of glass

Closer view of the mosaic base

Initially the irises and leaves seemed to float in mid air so I decided to paint part of the base to give a more balanced look

#mosaic #glassart

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