When nature walks with you

This is the first of my jackets and a favourite. It's story is a journey....

ATASDA (Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Assn) chose the theme 'from the earth' for their 2007 Palm House Exhibition in the Botanical Gardens, Sydney and to describe it in their words.......

"An exploration of crystals, bones, fossils, stalactites, stalagmites, earth formations, natural events such as volcanic eruptions, and folklore incorporating seasonal changes stimulated ATASDA's member artists. A beautiful exhibition with continuity created by colour and tones from the earth".

What a challenge and so different from anything I had attempted before.

My inspiration for this jacket came from a trip to outback Australia in 2004, travelling by 4WD through the expanses of Sturts Stony Desert and the Simpson Desert. Along the way I collected a few rocks (as you do and much to the amusement of others) and a couple of gibbers....all elements that carried with them the reminder of place, textural beauty and the potential of incorporating them in the garment.

Cotton, silk, synthetics, natural gibber stone, chenilling, machine embroidery.

Incorporating cotton, silk and synthetics from Bangladesh, Singapore, India and Sydney, the jacket has a twofold meaning. At first glance, it shows the desert meeting the sky, including the colours and textures of the plains, sand dunes and gibbers. In addition to the visual interpretation the jacket symbolises the peeling back of layers of earth to reveal the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface. Treasures, such as minerals and underground lakes, are created by layering sheer and lightweight fabrics, with the technique of chenilling creating the ability to see down through the different levels. These effects are combined with machine embroidery, depicting gibbers of the desert and the solidity of the earth. The clasp is created from a desert gibber and is enhanced by stone beads.

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