add some piping
piping is magical
it brings colours together
it separates colours
textured fabric
adds another dimension to the finished item
it is so tactile
floor cushions
using upholstery fabric
make a robust and long wearing cushion
fun and funky
add some piping
purple and green
very individual
embroidery from Laos
remember that silk you bought
it is sitting there
just waiting to be used....
from Bali to France
and made in Australia
what a journey the cushions have had
shapes and sizes
pick and choose
where will you use it
choose the shape and size to suit
and throw to match
a joy to look at
give new life
to that old cane setting
replace the cushion covers
and if you can't find the right fabr
cut and swe your favourite colours
to get just the look you want
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