If I use just eight words to describe my creative spirit it is this beautiful quote belonging to Claude Monet. It encompasses my delight and fascination with the use of colour, along with my desire (and obsession) for the interpretation to be true to the original idea.

I have strived for this across my 30 year career. It’s been an eclectic journey, combining my passions for art and travel in a range of different ways. From working with local artisans on the mainland and remote islands in Papua New Guinea, to walking 2000km across Europe to take in the colours of the Spanish countryside (3 times!). From sitting on the Board of the Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association and the Manly Art Gallery & Museum, to exploring the souks of Turkey. From participating in a drawing masterclass with renowned American artist Larry Thomas in Scotland to exhibiting works of jewellery, textiles, leadlight and leatherwork in numerous Australian galleries.


Now based in Hobart, Tasmania, there are three core streams to my art practice: creating, teaching and volunteering.


My inspiration comes from nature. I stand in a beautiful setting captivated by the colours and textures. As I absorb the scene I picture how it can be created in textile, or glass, or metal. I have always delighted in learning different skills and the opportunity of combining mediums, colour and texture to create something unique and personal is an exciting challenge. From a bespoke jacket inspired by renowned Tasmanian photographer Peter Dombrovskis, to vibrant colourful leadlight reflections of the Canal de Midi in France, to a splash of mosaic colour to brighten a winter’s garden – these are all just a part of my creative expression (obsession).


Over the past 6 years I have had the opportunity to work with communities in both Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Laos as a Creative Designer and Handicraft Trainer. This ongoing work aims to broaden the creative skills of local artisans, keeping their traditions alive while producing attractive and robust products that enable them to build sustainable businesses to support their families and communities.

with Joyce and Diana

Saturday market, Kavieng, New ireland Province, PNG


I have taught private, small and large group classes across a range of mediums. From Adult Education quilting classes in the 80s to teaching under the tropical sun on a little island to studio based classes in my own home, I love getting know students, their individual needs and passions, and helping them to learn new skills.

To enhance my teaching and design skills, my studies have included:

      Certificate IV Design (Highly Commended Awards X 2)

       Certificate IV Leisure & Health

       Diploma Art Craft Design (Jewellery & Leather)

       Associate Diploma Art Craft Design (Business Practices Award)

       Certificate of Jewellery Fabrication (Best Student Award)

       Certificate IV Workplace Training (cat 2)

       Certificate Cottage Industries (Outstanding Student Award)